Is Your Debt Ballooning Out Of Control? Helpful Tips For Consumers Who Are Dealing With Financial Stress

20 March 2018
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Financial difficulties can force families to face devastating situations, such as divorce, suicide, and serious health issues, including as heart attacks and strokes that are related to unhealthy levels of stress. Some types of financial stress is related to poor money management skills, but others are simply the result of the debtor experiencing events that are out of their control, such as a job loss, divorce, or health emergency. If you dealing with a rising level of financial stress from a debt load that is becoming increasingly difficult for you to manage, the following tips can help you take back control of your finances and your life. 

Use a budgeting app and record every expenditure to rein in unnecessary spending

The first step in dealing with an out-of-control debt issue is to determine where every dollar is being spent. One of newest and easiest ways to do this is to install a budgeting app on your smartphone and use it to record each purchase, as well as bill payments and incoming funds, from your job or any other sources. In just a few days, people who use their budgeting app can begin detecting patterns of unnecessary spending that they can then work to eliminate, freeing up more money for debt repayment. 

Look for ways to earn additional income 

Adding additional income streams is another way in which consumers can help pare down their debt load and restore their family to a firmer financial footing. To do this as quickly as possible, start by looking for items around the house and garage that you no longer need, including clothing, books, kitchen ware, toys, electronics, tools, fitness equipment, and sporting goods. All of these items are in demand and can be sold easily using free marketing options, such as social media groups, online classifieds, and auction sites. Additional ways to earn extra income that can pay off quickly without a major investment include using your car to drive for a ride-share service or taking a server or pizza delivery job for a few hours each evening and weekend.

Consider bankruptcy to help regain financial control

Consumers who find that the cause of their financial stress has grown too large and unwieldy to work through on their own may want to explore a bankruptcy plan to help them regain financial control. While bankruptcy is a serious matter that will have a bearing on consumer credit-worthiness for two or more years afterwards, it is often the only way out for those who are dealing with an insurmountable debt load. 

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